Welcome To the site of one of Central Pennsylvania's  most experienced Paranormal Research groups.

G.r.i.p :   or

Ghost Research and Investigations of Pennsylvania, is a not-for-profit group dedicated to the use of the newest technologies and investigative methods available.   Grip always provides it's services free of charge.

Grip Paranormal's investigations are always confidential and professional.

Based in south central Pennsylvania, Grip is available for consultation and investigation.

We have some exciting events and investigations coming up, so keep an eye out and we'll give details as they become available.

There are 4 main steps to an investigation.

1. Initial contact - to explain experiences and concerns. Remember, 90% of the e-mail and phone contacts we see start with, "You're going to think I'm crazy"...so you're not alone, so never fear ridicule or dismissal.

2. Pre investigation interview on site. This may be recorded either with audio or video, to preserve the content, though will not be if preferred by client. During this time, there may be a consensus to do a walk-through with minimal equipment. This gives us a set of base readings and possible hints as to possible environmental causes for your experiences. 

3. Investigation with a team that is size-appropriate to the structure. During this investigation which may take as long as 8 hours, we use different electronic equipment to collect evidence and impressions. Sometimes a second investigation is warrented.

4. Reveal This is a presentation of evidence gathered during the investigation. If it turns out that the causes are environmental or electrical in nature, our highly trained investigators will recommend the proper steps to take to avoid health issues and to bring peace to your family.

As always, Grip Paranormal appreciates the trust and cooperation our clients show us by allowing us into your homes, and we appreciate our responsibility to work to a resolution to your problems.

Mel and Jeff with John Zaffis in Gettysburg, Pa.

Below: Grip Meeting at LaScalia's Restaurant.

Released March 2014 

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